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History of Volunteers at Zumwalt Park

by Kat Niebel

Zumwalt Park is on land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and leased to Lane County Parks Department. The park is a semi-urban wildlife refuge, as well as a beautiful site for public recreation within a natural setting close to densely populated neighborhoods.

Early in 2007 the County lost a large part of their operating funds due to major budget cuts. Among other decisions, they decided to close Zumwalt Park as they didn’t have the funds to mow and maintain it. Zumwalt Park has never enforced the ‘pay to use’ park requirement, as it has been a walk-in park rather than a drive-in park, and therefore no revenue had been generated. Park rentals are the primary source of revenue for Zumwalt Park

Signs were posted in the spring of 2007, and a neighbor alerted me to the fact that the park was closed, even to foot traffic (with a large fine, if you were found in the park). We posted flyers at the park and around town, and held a meeting of interested folks that were committed to helping keep the park open. We met with Lane County Parks Dept. and signed an agreement in June of 2007 that our group, the Friends of Zumwalt Park, would be responsible for all of the mowing and garbage removal. By that time of year the grass had grown waist high, and so a friend and local ‘hayer’ came in and mowed and baled over 11 tons of hay! Then, on June 30th 2007, a group of volunteers gathered at the Park for our first mowing day and completely mowed the park, just in time for camping during the Oregon Country Fair.

Friends of Zumwalt Park have continued to mow the park, generally four times in the spring and once in the fall, trim blackberry vines, cut invasive ivy off trees, dig up and remove the scotch broom inside the park and move fallen branches out of paths and grassy areas.

We have an amazing, hard-working group of volunteers that are dedicated to keeping this park as beautiful as it can be, for everyone to enjoy.


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