Zumwalt Park eroding bankIn November 2016, FOZP met with Ed Alverson and Mike Russel of Lane County Parks Dept. to discuss the bank restoration project with Jason Giles from Rexius. After touring the sight, Rexius calculated the cost to back-fill and restore the 120 ft stretch where the bank is undercut. Once we have agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers, and the project is approved, Mike Russel will start applying for grant money with a view to starting work on this project as soon as the lake recedes in October 2017.

FOZP is working with the parks department to plant willow branches as a non-invasive method of erosion control.  On Earth Day (April 22nd), volunteers helped to weave a willow fence in a test area on the north shoreline. This subsidiary project is being led by local arborist Matt Horowitz, and if successful, we hope to extend the willow planting to the eastern edge of the park where the erosion is occurring. Willows root easily and trap sediment stabilizing the bank. When woven into a wall, they act as a shock absorber against the wave action. Invertebrates thrive in this micro-environment, and in turn, provide food for fish.

As a park user, please be aware that the bank is very fragile now; avoid walking  near the edge as it may collapse at any time.