In 2015, Zumwalt was one of 13 County Parks under consideration to host future large fund-raising events. A large event task force (LETF) was commissioned to produce guidelines for future such events, and their recommendations were accepted by the County Board of Commissioners (summer 2015). The proposed Parks Master Plan was rejected in the light of enormous public concern. The County Administrator has commissioned a new ‘Blue Ribbon’ task force to completely  rewrite the Master Plan for Lane County Parks, a monumental task that is long over-due. A specialized parks planner has been recruited to head up this task force, and public input is solicited. For more information on the current status of this project, including upcoming public meetings, please visit the Lane County Parks website.

As a result of recommendations made by the LETF, a Large Event Oversight Committee has been established to decide which future events are suitable to be hosted, and in which parks.