Frequently Asked Questions

Zumwalt Park – Frequently Asked Questions

Zumwalt Park - Off Leash Dog rules

Can I walk my dog off-leash?

Yes. Please pay attention to the Off-leash Area Rules above. Notice is also posted at either end of the park.

Why do I need to pick-up after my dog?

Even though the park constitutes a natural ecosystem, dog poop is offensive if left on a path where it can be seen, smelled and trodden in. Additionally, it can transmit various diseases between dogs, and dog poop presents a potential health hazard to humans, especially when run-off goes into the lake that we swim in. We ask visitors to be respectful of others, and bring poop bags or take one supplied in the dispenser at the park entrance. There are ‘poop baskets’ strategically positioned around the park to deposit filled bags, and there are two blue Sanipac trash dumpsters.

Where can I park?

Limited parking is available at the Jeans Road entrance, and at the end of Vista Drive*. There is a $4 parking fee at all Lane County Parks. Annual and Day Parking passes can be purchased at Bi-Mart in Veneta or online at

*Please be considerate of local residents along Vista Drive.

Are there bathrooms in the park?

A new port-a-potty is now located inside the park to the south side of the central parking area.

Can we picnic in the park?

The park offers picnic benches with grills for eating and barbecuing in the park. Please be considerate and take your trash with you, or offload it into the bins provided by the roadside.

Can I light a bonfire in the park?

No. This poses too much of a fire risk. The grills provided near the picnic tables are available for barbecuing using charcoal you have brought. Please douse the embers in the grill after you are done, and make sure the coals are cold.

Can I camp in the park?

No, only when a special permit has been purchased.
During the Oregon Country Fair in July, the park converts to a campground for Fair-goers. Campground tickets for this event are sold in advance online through the U of O ticket office and Tickets West outlets. Details about all area campgrounds for this event are available at the Oregon Country Fair website.

Can I reserve the park for a private function?

A permit may be purchased from the Lane County Parks Department to reserve the park for special activities e.g. weddings. At these times, park users are asked to be respectful and stay away from organized activities.

Can horses be ridden in the park?


Can I use a metal detector or fly a drone in the park?

Only if you have obtained a permit to do so from Lane County Parks Dept. Collecting artifacts from the park is strictly prohibited.


How can I help?

Volunteer: Join friends of Zumwalt Park!

Donate: It is easy to make a donation towards the park upkeep through our PayPal account on our home page. Funds are used to rent equipment for mowing and purchase supplies necessary to help maintain the park.

Be proactive: Pick up trash in the park, and pick up after your dog. Please bring empty plastic bags and help refill the poop bag dispensers at either entrance to the park.