FOZP Meeting Minutes – October 2016

FOZP Meeting Minutes, October 26 2016:

Fern Ridge Library, FOZP Meeting opened 6:30 pm

Present: Helen O, Cindy T, Toni M, John R, Leslie B, Carolyn A-S, Bill C, Karen J, Jessie, Megan C, Ed Averson (LCPD), Pat B. (PAC member)


  • Introductions
  • Summary from PAC meeting (10.10.16) – Toni Marsden
  • Status of Winter Park Projects – Ed Alverson
  • Discussion of how to spend FEMA grant – Ed Alverson
  • Poisoning invasive species – Ed Alverson
  • Historic Camas Project – Ed Alverson
  • Finance for bank erosion project – Toni Marsden


  • Completed design for New flyer – Kat Niebel Completed draft for letter to RG
  • Scheduled ‘Meetup’ dates – Johnny & Marek


  • Status report on Park Rummage Sale – Cindy Thompson
  • Status report on Mid Lane Cares Umbrella 501C3 – Steve W.
  • Status report on funding from c/o Veneta – Tom Borener


  • Status report on used tractor from LCPD – Mary Monette
  • LCPD take on meadow damage by campers – Toni Marsden
  • Names for Meadows/trails/vote – Helen Oldfield
  • Any other business

Toni M. and Pat B. reported that nothing immediately relevant to Zumwalt came up at the last PAC meeting. Most of the discussion concerned the New Parks Master Plan.

Environmental Issues: Alverson explained a short term solution to the bank erosion issue using straw bales and willow stakes. He needs to find out if permitting (from the Army Corps) is necessary before we can proceed with this. He is also looking into a more engineered long-term solution, and has invited Jason Giles from Rexius to survey the problem on Mon. Nov 7th and give us preliminary costing. This will certainly require a permit, and the county will need to apply for a grant to fund the project once we know the budget. Toni M. has been researching potential sources of grant money. The Land Conservancy does not fund projects on public property. The Army Corps has no interest in funding it either. It was suggested we try them again just prior to the end of the fiscal year, once we know more about what it will cost.

Regarding invasive species, Mike Russel (Parks Manager) seems reluctant to have volunteer groups do herbicide application. Although we have licensed professionals in our group who would be happy to take this on, written proposals have to be submitted and approved beforehand, as occurs at Buford Park. Although there is a list of ‘approved herbicides’, some folks are concerned about using chemicals in the park, especially with regard to their dogs. The active chemical in ‘Round Up’ is available without the surfactant that harms amphibians. Application for holly would be ‘cut and wipe’ which is very targeted. Blackberries need to be mowed down so that chemicals can be applied to the regrowth. Any spraying e.g. for false brome, would have to be conducted systematically in small, cordoned off areas. Ultimately, it is up to the county to decide if herbicides should be applied, and how/by whom if necessary. FOZP are willing to help, but the ball resides in LCPD’s court.

The parks department has finally received the FEMA money promised after the terrible snow storms several years ago. We discussed how our allocated $2,900 (qualified by our volunteer hours!) should be spent. The money cannot be used to purchase machinery, and must be spent by the end of June 2017. Various ideas were floated; tools, sturdy benches, tractor rental, herbicides…Further discussion will be required on this subject.

The Long Tom Ownership Council is submitting a (riparian restoration projects) grant to Spirit Mountain Foundation to engage tribal members in habitat stewardship. Katie McKendric is the ecologist for the Watershed Council who is organizing this, and has requested we write a letter of support assuming we agree that Zumwalt would be a good ‘public’ location for this project. We have a lot of Camas in the spring, and there is evidence that traditional harvesting techniques actually encourage the camas seeds to grow. If anyone is interested in getting involved with the project (which would involve workshops, field trips and site visits with tribal members), please step up. Ed will be providing more details on this.

Outreach: this section of the agenda was skipped as none of the reporting parties were present and no information had been submitted in advance.

Fundraising: Cindy has created an attractive flyer to promote the rummage sale which we will post in the park and around the neighborhood. She proposed the first weekend in May 2017 (specifically Saturday 6th) for the event, and is submitting a special use permit for the day. She requested a reminder e-mail be sent out monthly to encourage members to collect items for sale, and will organize a ‘pick-up’ of large items that need to be stored. Any members who would like to help should step forward, please!

Reports on 501C3 and funding from the City of Veneta were unavailable as responsible members were not present.

Other business: Helen spoke with Mike Russel recently, who implied that a used LCPD tractor would not be available for several years. Pat B. suggested that he might know a source to help us in this regard (details to be discussed with John C).

Toni M. has recently toured the park with environmentalist Dr. Bruce from the Sierra Club to discuss the health of the meadow. Oil spills, soil fertility and pH may all be contributing to the rampant Queen Anne’s Lace this year, and we discussed ways of restoring the grass to health. It was agreed to consult the ‘healthy meadows check list’ and look in the spring to see any evidence of vehicle traffic over the meadow resulting from the summer campers. Ed will review Toni’s notes and ask experts at Mt. Pisgah if they have any input on this.

We discussed names for the two meadow areas so that we might more easily identify the different areas of the park amongst ourselves. We also discussed trail naming. Helen will make a proposal based on the discussion.

Meeting closed at 7:40 pm

Minutes taken by Helen O.