FOZP Meeting Minutes – November 2016

FOZP Meeting Minutes, November 26 2016:

Fern Ridge Library, FOZP Meeting opened 6:30 pm


Minutes of FOZP Meeting, Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meeting opened 6:30 pm

Present: Helen O, Tom B, Mary M, John C, Toni M, John S, Jesse D, Les B, Darcie W, Carisska A, Lilly C.

Coffee and fantastic edibles provided by Toni M… thank you!!

  1. Helen gave a brief report on the status of the bank erosion project. We will be working with Ed. Alverson, Matt H. and John C. to survey the bank and then start to plant willow cuttings into the exposed soil on the north bank. This work will likely start in January 2017, and we will notify everyone when we have a date for the first work party. Rexius have estimated $22-25 thousand will be needed to back- fill the 125 ft length of the bank that is severely undercut, and Mike Russell will be applying for grants to fund this. Consequently, it will take more time to get this going; we hope the work can begin next October 2017 once the lake has receded.
  2. John C. outlined the issues we are facing with invasive species in the woodland areas, and the different approaches to dealing with the problem. We will continue to pull scotch broom in the spring, and pull back ivy from the mature trees. Debris from blackberries and ivy should be discarded above ground level to prevent it re-rooting. We need to have agreement from the union before we will be granted permits to start on this work again. Hopefully that will not be a problem. It will be next to impossible to control the false-brome and holly without the use of herbicides, so that is a decision that the Parks Dept. will have to make. A certified professional is required to apply any chemicals. Regarding herbicide selection, the state permits only those with low toxicity or a half-life of 45 days or less.
  3. Helen read a report from Karen J. regarding natural alternatives to herbicide use. Obviously, no one wants to use chemicals in the park if it can be avoided, and we will use mechanical methods of eradication pending a decision from the Parks Dept.
  4. Regarding the proposed Camas project, Helen read the letter of support she has signed, on behalf of FOZP, for the Long Tom Watershed Council’s grant proposal to the Spirit Mountain Foundation. Katie MacKendrick is heading up the project, and will keep all stakeholders informed of the developments.
  5. Helen presented the new flyer that she and Kat N. have been working on to promote FOZP membership and increase our volunteer base. Toni M. offered to post 7 flyers at strategic locations around Eugene… Helen will do the same around the Fern Ridge neighborhood.
  6. We have registered to participate in this year’s Light Parade in Veneta on Dec. 8th; Jesse suggested it would be a good PR move, and also a lot of fun. We discussed what was required, and Les and Jesse will hand out flyers in the park to encourage participation.
  7. Helen proposed we name the meadow near the wood “Strawberry Field” as per Megan Clark’s suggestion, and the meadow near the wood “Oak Meadow”. This will help avoid confusion on work days. We decided to give the country fair campers a chance to decide on trail names for the wooded areas as they feel very vested in the park; Helen will contact Vincent A. to coordinate this.
  8. Helen agreed to contact the Parks Dept. to answer some questions regarding the FEMA money we have been granted for Zumwalt. We agreed that the purchase or rental of a tractor would be the highest priority. The purchase of new native plants, e.g. milkweed and more checker mellow, to plant in marshy areas was also a good idea. The Friends of Buford Park have a nursery and may be able to help us with this. Helen mentioned that Pat Bradshaw from the PAC had suggested that the school district may be retiring a mower and that we could perhaps acquire it. John C. and Helen will investigate this.
  9. Tom B. gave us a brief financial report; we have $659 currently in the FOZP account. He has tested the PayPal donation system and it seems to work; now we just need some benevolent folks to open their wallets!

Meeting closed at 7:45 pm

Minutes taken by Helen O.