FOZP Meeting Minutes – May 2016

FOZP Meeting Minutes, May 12 2016:

Fern Ridge Library, FOZP Meeting opened 6:30 pm

Present: Helen O, Tom B, Leslie B, John R, Mary M, Bill C, Steve D.


  • Continued discussion on the non-profit status issue (All)
  • Report on last PAC meeting (Toni)
  • Upcoming changes to FOZP website (Helen)
  • Overview of recent FOZP events: Wild flower walk with Ed Alverson, Broom pulling work party, Trail restoration work (Helen/John C/John R)
  • Next mow day: Saturday May 14. How can we get more participation to satisfy LCPD? (All)
  • Any other business
Non-profit status

Helen read recent communications from John Helmer and Chris Orsinger giving us some basic information on what is involved in setting up a 501c3. It was agreed that we need to have more active members than we currently have to make this worthwhile. We also need to establish clear long-term goals for our role with the stewardship of the park, i.e. beyond maintaining the status of traffic-free, off-leash dog park. Such goals might attract the interest of new members who need a ‘cause’ to get involved. It was decided to suspend this discussion and revisit the non-profit issue in a year’s time. Meanwhile, Helen will write to thank Chris and John for their input, and advise them of our plans.

Bank restoration

Mary proposed we write a letter to Mike Russel and the Army Corps to ask what is happening about the bank stabilization. We need them to know that we are still very concerned about this, especially considering the lake is very full this year. Helen said she would speak to Ed Alverson in this regard as he is our liaison… what can FOZP do to get this to move forward?? Would an article in the Fern Ridge Review draw more attention to the issue?

PAC meeting

Bill reported that Toni had attended the last PAC meeting and that nothing concerning Zumwalt was brought up.

Changes to FOZP website

Helen reported on her meeting with Brant S. and Tom B. regarding new changes to our website using WordPress. This new technology will enable us to make edits directly without needing to use coding. Helen will speak with Brant to ensure upcoming dates are current on the existing site, as the new site will not be replacing it until we have completed the changes. Discussion led to fund raising items available on the site. Tom has established a new FOZP bank account linked to PayPal so that FOZP Café Press merchandise will now be available. Tom will research options for getting more T-shirts and possibly caps and neck-coolers printed with our logo to sell to Country Fair Campers. We will need to clear this will Mindy Sandford first.

Recent FOZP events

The wild flower walk with Ed Alverson was well attended and very successful. Helen explained Ed’s work to catalog all the flora in the park, which she then intends to upload to our website together with photos and blooming times. Mary suggested we make a poster for the noticeboard showing the most common wild flowers visitors could expect to see. The Scotch broom workparty was attended by only five members; Helen, John C., Jim S, Toni M, and Joe B. Weed wrenches were borrowed from LCPD (thank you Ed!) and considerable progress was made along the dog-leg area, although we did not have time to remove all the plants we found. Recent trail improvements have been made with the help of several FOZP volunteers, but ostensibly John R. and Susan O. Thank you all!


John R. pointed out that much of the grass is currently too long for a garden ride-on mower. He volunteered to rent a tractor and mow the long grass at the north side of the park, together with Steve D and his tractor. This has subsequently been approved by LCPD. Helen has agreed to remove any flags hiding in the long grass prior to this action. It was noted that the grass area beyond the Vista parking area had been mowed by one of our members earlier in the week, without permission from LCPD or the approval of FOZP, cutting down all the wild flowers that would otherwise have set seed. This is extremely disappointing, and Helen will be making this clear to the offending party.

The mowing planned for May 14 has had to be postponed to May 21, in the hope that it will be a dry day. Mary reminded us that we do not mow 10-15’ from the edge of the lake due to the instability of the land, and we do not mow beneath the drip-line of the Ellmaker Oak.


Tom B. reported that despite his best efforts, our local radio station (KOCF 92.5) has failed to air our announcement regarding upcoming mowing dates that he submitted. He will persevere.

Meeting closed at 7:30 pm.

Next meeting date (July) to be announced.