FOZP Meeting Minutes – June 2016

FOZP Meeting Minutes, June 29 2016:

Fern Ridge Library, Meeting opened 6:33 pm


Helen O, Tom B, Leslie B, John C, John S, Karen W, Steve W, Ken W, Mindy S, Cindy T, Toni M.

Coffee and amazing treats provided by Toni M… Thank you Toni!!

  • Table at campground
  • Trail restoration project
  • Upcoming changes to FOZP website
  • Park walk with Ed Alverson
  • Bank erosion
  • Mowing report
  • Poop dispensers
  • Dog training
  • PR: New posters/locations
  • FOZP picnic 2016
  • Nominations for 2016 service awards
  • Any other business
Table at Campground

It was decided that we would man the FOZP PR table at 5-7 pm on Thursday 7th and Saturday 9th evenings. (Shuttle busses run from 4-8:30pm each day).Thursday shift will be Julie Nellis, Tom Borener and Steve Williamson (and Karen Williamson?); Saturday shift will be Terri O’Hara, Mary Mornette, Toni Marsden and JJ. Mary M. and Tom B. have offered to supply tables and chairs; these will be located near the food area in the shade. Campers start arriving at 2pm; Mindy estimates that traffic should have calmed down by 5 pm when we want to set up, so hopefully delivery of tables/chairs will not be an issue. Volunteers are welcome to park at Helen’s place and walk into the park (5 minutes entering at Vista end). Helen will work on flyers to hand out to campers; these will outline who we are, what we do, and why we need support. We will have a sign-up sheet for folks that want to join FOZP or be added to our mailing list. Tom will bring FOZP t-shirts to sell, and Toni also has (donated) art-print shirts to sell. We will ask Kat N. if she can produce some kind of colorful banner or sign for the table. John S. suggested that we have information on the history of the park available at the table. Mindy asked if we would be interested in setting up a “Market Place” for the campground (next year), and take a cut of the revenue. We will also work on having more merchandise to sell in future.

Trail Restoration Project

This will take place Saturday June 9th from 9am until noon. Helen will put out a request for wheelbarrows and tools, and John will collect these before the event and return them for pick-up. We need about 8 barrows to make this efficient. EPUD has dumped a large load of chips at the N. end of the wood trail ready for us.

Upcoming Changes to website

Helen explained the changes to the new FOZP website that she has been working on with Brant S., and invited folks to contribute content and photos. The PayPal link is now activated (thank you Tom) so donations can be processed on-line, and also merchandise purchases from Café Press. The new site should be active by the end of this week. Because we are now using WordPress, updates should be much easier allowing the site to remain current. We need to publicize the website as it should be a strong PR tool for us.

Park walk with Ed Alverson

Helen walked the park with Ed on June 21st to check for the appearance of new wild flowers and discuss possible future projects. Helen flagged Oregon Sunshine and a creeping Aster in the meadow area prior to mowing last week; flags will be removed before Country Fair.

Bank Erosion

Little progress seems to be being made on this issue, which is frustrating everyone.  John R. has proposed a detailed plan of action which would involve appointing a task force within FOZP. The task force would document the problem using photos and an arborist’s report, investigate restoration options and costs, (backed by similar examples of work from other locations), meet with and make presentations to the Army Corps and LCPD, and finally meet with County Commissioners and local media if all else fails. John C. explained that he has already done much of this work but to no avail. Helen explained that it is still not clear who is responsible for the cost (LCPD or Army Corps), and this is holding up the application for a grant to do the work. Cost estimates have been done, it seems, and Ed Alverson is still working on this. In the meanwhile, Ed proposes that we could start a basic reinforcement project this fall cutting existing willow from around the park and planting stems into the bank just above the high water line. Ed is trying to estimate how quickly the bank has been eroding since the last attempt at reinforcement was made.

Mowing report

Helen summed up the mowing situation for the year. Final mowing will be October 8th. The important thing is to get our act together for next spring. We must continue to campaign and enlist new members (mowers especially) during the ‘off-season’ months, and come up with fundraisers with a view to purchasing a second-hand tractor or trailer. Mindy reminded us that we can ask the City of Veneta for a donation, especially if we outline what we do for the community, and what we want to spend the money on. It was also suggested that we hold a raffle.

Poop dispensers

It has been suggested by one of our loyal but absent members that we could spend funds on new poop dispenser stations. It was agreed that what we really need is a drive to encourage folks to keep refilling the existing boxes with plastic grocery and produce bags.

Dog training

JJ has reported that on a recent dog training event held at Zumwalt, Sue Sternberg (a renowned trainer) was extremely impressed with the park. It seems Zumwalt is setting a new standard of excellence for dog parks. JJ would be happy to share Sternberg’s training DVD with any interested members of FOZP.

PR: New posters/locations

Helen emphasized the fact that we need to focus efforts on getting the message out there about Zumwalt. We need to work on this over the fall and winter and keep up the pace. Helen will write a new flyer which hopefully Kat N. can produce for us with nice colored photos and graphics. Toni M. and Karen W. will post the flyer in strategic locations around Eugene and Veneta/Elmira. The flyer will be ‘timeless’ (no dates), but will direct folks to the new website for more information. We will be more direct about needing donations, (financial and otherwise, e.g. a trailer), and more specific about getting them.            

FOZP Picnic 2016

This will be Sunday July 17th, starting at 11am to eat at noon. Bill C. will be bringing the grills and the burgers/hot dogs as always (thank you Bill!!). All are welcome, and should bring a pot-luck item to share and a drink for themselves. More details will follow.

Nominations for FOZP Service award

This is awarded annually at the picnic to folks who have gone above and beyond for Zumwalt over the past year. Helen has two candidates in mind, but would welcome nominations. Tom will be providing FOZP pens.

PAC meeting report

Toni had attended the recent PAC meeting and reported that the move to impose non-smoking in Lane County Parks had passed. Camp fires are still allowed (with permit) as is consumption of alcohol.

Meeting closed at 8:00 pm.

Next meeting date to be announced (probably September).