Canine Corner

We invite you to submit a photo of your dog(s) with a brief bio! Get to know the other dogs that enjoy the park, and make new friends!

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martyHi! My name is Marty and I love Zumwalt Park! I am little and afraid of other dogs, especially if they are big, so my papa often holds me while they pass, but when other dogs aren’t around I can be found running, sniffing, barking, chasing balls, and playing around all the areas of this fun park!




callie-dog-57-varietiesHello, my name is Callie. I used to come to the park with my dear friend Albert the bulldog, but sadly he died last month and now I am sad and lonely. My mom is the saddest; she loved Albert so much, so I must put on a happy face for her. I love to paddle in the lake, sniff my way through the wood and romp across the grass.







Hello, we are Pete, Rocksee and Rowdee! Zumwalt is Pete’s favorite place to go. His people usually take his friend Rocksee so they can run and swim. Rocksee loves going to the park especially to fetch sticks in the water. Rowdee is a toy Aussie that loves going to the park but tends to bark a lot, not because of being upset, but loving to bark! Rowdee doesn’t go to the park often because those little legs make for one tired dog!

IMG_1578This is Danny. I am having a good time at Zumwalt Park. I only know that that is the name of the park because my owner told me so!  Swimming, balling, and rolling are my favorite things as you can see.  I may look a little crazed but I am harmless! My master gave me a lion cut to keep me cool… so cool!


My name is Abby and I am a mini Australian Shepherd. I love to chase squirrels, but I don’t like to be chased by bigger dogs, so I am a little timid. Please play nicely with me!



IMG_1632My name is CC (Cuddly Cupcake) I am a 14 month-old Great Pyrenees. I love to explore and be fawned over by people I meet in the park.



I am a Lhasa Apso named K2, and I am nearly nine years old! I like to wade in the water, frolic in the meadow, and play caboose on the trails.



This is Augie the Doggie, and I am a 7-year old Scottish Deerhound x Chessie x Lab. I swim like a porpoise, get intimate with my girlfriend Sierra when given the chance, and enjoy rolling in dead fish!



I am Marely, a 3-year old rat-terrier mix, and I like to walk with my friends Augie, CC and K2. I am a bit barky, but I am frisky and agile, and stream through the meadow.


big-leo-2Leo is a year old and belongs to Cindy and Ron. He loves to run and swim in the lake and being chased by the other doggies.  His brother is Homer the blind beagle

homerHomer is around 11 years old, and was rescued 9 years ago. He loves the wooded trails and all the good smells. He can smell concealed treats approaching from afar!




max-and-dashaThis is Max and Dasha at the FOZP picnic 2016. Max is nine, and is very gentle; he loves children and puppies, as you can see. He belongs to Karen and Steve, and is a regular visitor to the park. Dasha and Shadow (below) belong to Jonathan. Dasha has grown up a bit since this photo was taken. She is a small mixed breed, very friendly and loves to play. Her older sister Shadow is a pomeranian. Both love to visit Zumwalt.shadow






Duke the Great Dane belongs to JJ. duke-headHe is 12 years old, which is wonderful because the breed usually only live about 8 to 10.  One of the joys in Duke’s life is going to Zumwalt park. He loves it more than any other place. If Duke could havehis way, we would go every day. While Duke does not swim, he can go pretty far out in the water and his feet still don’t leave the ground.duke-2